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I was referred to Andrew by a friend that had known him for many years and knew of his experience as General Manager of an upscale boutique hotel in the Valley.  I had worked in the hospitality industry for a few years so I was well aware of what it takes to successfully run a hotel property, it is both real estate and a business.  Andrew takes that experience to managing my home as a short term rental and he goes above and beyond in every way. 

We worked together on how to position my property, explored ways of improving its market appeal and set goals to achieve.  I wanted to position my property as an upscale rental.  During this process Andrew worked with me on construction projects inside and outside the home, in addition to furnishing upgrades.  Andrew managed my construction projects from the design phase, to budget, to engaging the contractors, and managing the job to completion.  The results exceeded my expectations and demonstrated he truly understood my vision for the property.


On the management side of running and operating my rental, Andrew knows his business and I prefer to let him handle everything.  He takes care of the preparation, vetting, welcome and exit for our renters.  He is good at figuring out when it is important to run something by me regarding a renter, or something the rental needs to preserve and maintain it.  Andrew does an excellent job at making our renters feel welcome and that any problems will be handled promptly.  It's really important to me that our renters have an exceptional experience and want to come back; and that my property is being used respectfully so it will last.  Andrew does this for me, and with such ease it makes it a pleasure for me to offer my property as a short term rental to guests.


In order to operate a successful business, accurate records and reporting are essential.  Andrew communicates with my accountants office and provides them with the reporting they require before they have to ask for it.  I know my property is in good hands with Andrew, and I trust him to do what is best for me.

- Joan B.

Property Owner

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